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關於我們 About Us

一語堂國際貿易有限公司 (IUT International Trade Co., Ltd)成立於西元1987年,專營歐美食品進口代理與批發,項目以各類休閒食品如巧克力、餅乾、糖果、飲料等為主,以及各種優質食材如義大利麵、醬料、橄欖油、果醬、鬆餅粉、有機茶、有機葡萄酒等。目前自十餘個國家,約四十個供應商進口,並供應國內各大連鎖通路販售,如百貨超市、便利商店、量販店、超市、餐飲店、五星飯店mini bar、線上購物。
皮諾喬有限公司(Pinocchio Co., Ltd.)係由一語堂控股之子公司,經營線上購物“茱麗好食”及具有示範意義的實體店舖 “茱麗好食”。藉由自營的通路讓我們得以展現經營的理念並且在第一線服務顧客。
上海朱麗貿易(Shanghai Julie’s Trading Co., Ltd)設立於2009年,奠基於近30年的貿易經驗、對商品及市場認識,我們拓展業務版圖至中國大陸,除了與進口商及各地區的經銷商合作,也直接供貨給高超、便利店等連鎖零售系統及電子商務平台。

IUT INT’L TRADE CO., LTD was established in 1987 in Taipei/Taiwan by President Mr. Jonathan Ho and later his wife Ms. Julie Chu joined this business which set out the solid foundation of today’s growing IUT. Now, our business is mainly divided to four sectors:
IUT Taiwan where our head office based, is one of leading importers of Western confectionery and fine food in Taiwan. We have our own temperature controlled warehouse and offer reefer truck delivery to our sales channels including premium supermarkets, hypermarkets, supermarket chains, CVS, drugstores, local chain stores, coffee shops, bakeries, 5-star hotels, and on-line shops.
Pinocchio Taiwan, manages for our own 6 retail shops and 1 Italian restaurant which are under the name of “Julie’s Grocery” and “Julie’s Kitchen.” We serve Italian cuisine and the best selected Western food products.
Shanghai Julie’s Trading Co., Ltd was later on set up in 2009 for fast-growing business in China. By working closely with our regional distributors and also directly with national chain stores, we make sure our distribution covers all major cities.
IUT International Division, apart from all, works as a bridge between our suppliers in EU and our customers in other Asian markets. There is an office in Poland assisting in product sourcing while other teammates in Taipei and Shanghai taking care of the customers nearby. Currently we succeed in broadening business to the markets of Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Burma and Russia.

業務洽詢 Business Contact

電話: (02)2603-0290
地址: 24452新北市林口區工九路1號

Tel. +886 2 26030290
Address. No. 1, Gong 9th Rd., Linkou Dist., New Taipei City, Taiwan 24452



一語堂國際貿易有限公司 版權所有
No.1, Gong 9th Rd., Linkou Dist., New Taipei City 24452 電話:+886 (0)2 26030290 傳真: +886 (0)2 26031316

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