About Us

Founded in 1987, IUT has been one of the most active food importers in Taiwan, and now also spreads its business over Asia, including China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan and Russia.

Business in Taiwan

Our core business in Taiwan is bringing quality foods to customers through retail channels, including premium supermarkets, CVS, hypermarkets, supermarkets, organic shops, grocery stores, café, hotels and E-commerce.

We currently import from nearly 20 countries, more than 50 suppliers to support a plentiful product portfolio, covering chocolates, candies, dried fruits, savory snacks, beverage, olive oil, jam, granola, tea, wine..etc.

Private label

With more than 30 years of product and market experiences, we also started to develop our own products with licensed brands and private brands. By creating attractive designs on top of quality food, we wish to dedicate ourselves to offer consumers a series of interesting and delicate leisure food.

International business

For years IUT has dedicated to expand its business territory by operating diverse international trading. Our registered company named Julies Trading based in Shanghai, China, working as an importer and distributor of sweets and snacks from Europe and Taiwan. Our branch office in Poland plays an important role of introducing European food products to the clients in South Korea. On the other hand, the latest founded subsidiary in Tokyo has successfully started to export Japanese confectionary to China.

We also have bonded warehouses in the free trade zone of Taipei port and Shanghai port. Having two hubs located on the left side of the Pacific Ocean also gives us more flexibility in transit-trade and re-export. Labeling and simple repacking can also be done in the free trade zones.

Core Value

We believe being flexible and innovative are the keys to keep our edge. Our international trade team is highly professional, and our sales and marketing teams are agile to help our customers with their needs.

Our entities play different roles in different markets, but we all try best to work closely with the customers, in order to customize the best service, including product sourcing, logistic arranging, and even developing OEM products.

IUT is the bridge between the West to the oriental table, passion and loyalty is our philosophy of building partnerships both with our customers and suppliers.

IUT is your trustworthy partner for Food business in Asia.